Industrial Products

Chemicals, lumber, steel, pipe, fertilizer, petroleum products, wind energy equipment, transformers and generators are just some of the products we move for our customers to keep their supply chains consistent and cost-effective.

No matter what industrial products or materials you need to ship, let us help you meet your service needs.

Click on the categories below to learn more about how the our team can serve you and your supply chain in a safe, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Chemicals, Fertilizers & Plastics

  • From chemicals used in manufacturing, dry or liquid fertilizer materials, or one of the many types of plastics (from dry resin to liquid plastics), we have the people and equipment to ensure your product arrives at its destination safely when you need it there.

  • Fertilizers
  • Plastics


We have the equipment and know-how to move the wide range of construction materials used to build roads, bridges, highways, homes and manufacturing facilities that keep our economy moving forward.


Whether you’re a power company, a refinery or a manufacturer, we know how to safely and efficiently move the fuels that power your business and the country.

Machinery & Oversized

Not everything fits nicely into a railcar. For those shippers who have unique needs, we can develop a customized solution to move your items from where they are to where they need to be. We will work with you to understand every aspect of your product’s shipping requirements, even before you begin the manufacturing process, including its height clearance.

Metals & Minerals

  • Whether you’re moving base metals like copper or zinc, ferrous metals with a high iron content or non-ferrous metals like aluminum or copper, we have the equipment, experience and expertise to help you move materials from where they are to where they need to be. Let our decades of experience help you with your supply chain needs.

  • Aluminum & Non-Ferrous
  • Other Minerals

Solid Waste & Refuse

Whether it is municipal waste from local residences and businesses or industrial waste that needs to move to another location for further processing or recycling, the experts at BNSF can help you find a solution for your transport needs.