Hazardous Materials Information Request

Railroads carry some hazardous freight and it is of the utmost importance for our customers, our employees and the communities we operate in that we handle these shipments safely.

Operating free of accidents and injuries has long been part of BNSF’s vision and our focus has been on proactively preventing accidents before they happen. BNSF has established a website www.BNSFhazmat.com as a way to communicate with first responders. By using this website, first responders can:

  • Participate in online BNSF hazmat training
  • Schedule BNSF hazmat training
  • Download a summary of BNSF’s System Emergency Response Plan
  • Request a hazmat traffic flow report
  • Request access to AskRail™

While we have made significant progress in reducing the likelihood of a hazmat incident, we also want to ensure that BNSF and the communities we serve are properly prepared to respond if an incident were to occur. To accomplish this BNSF has:

  • In 2020, we provided hazmat training to more than 9,000 responders across our network.
  • earned the national TRANSCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) award 20 times in recognition of our national outreach efforts to help communities prepare for and respond to possible hazardous material incidents.
  • more than 160 trained hazmat responders and hazmat advisors at 60 locations on our network.
  • developed relationships with an extensive network of professional emergency response contractors and industrial fire fighters along our right of way.

Request Information About Hazardous Materials Being Shipped Through Your Community

BNSF provides hazardous material traffic flow reports upon request to:

  1. local emergency responders.
  2. elected officials.
  3. emergency management officials.

Officials requesting the information are asked to agree to use the information solely for emergency response planning purposes and not to make the information public for security reasons. This information is provided on a confidential basis.

To request information about shipments in your community, please fill out this form.